San Diego State University | San Diego, CA
Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design
Fall 2009 – Fall 2013

Coursework: Graphic Design I & II, Typography I & II, Information Graphics, Design Studio, Photographic Imagery, Art of the Book, Packaging

Canyon Crest Academy | San Diego, CA
Graduated 2009

Digital/Fine Arts Conservatory 2006-2009: By application only. Consisted of learning the different utilizations of digital and fine arts while working on individual or collaborative projects.

Work Experience

Red Kite | Graphic Designer at a Marketing Consultancy

  • Red Kite (June 2010 – Present): Created flyers, flyer templates, powerpoint templates, magazine ads, infographics, and holiday eBlasts. Revised existing business cards and brochures, aided in logo tag revision.

  • Lamden Property Managment Inc. (January 2016 – Present): Designed modern logo, business cards, advertising signage. Chose branding colors and fonts for a cohesive look with exisiting brand.

  • MBE/WBE (October 2015 – Present): Produced poster and powerpoint template sets for MBE or WBE conferences twice a year.

  • belCON | Flogon (July 2017): Rebuilt logo in Illustrator from JPEG. Produced capability statement and powerpoint template. Chose branding color palette swatches.

  • Malashock Dance (March 2017): Created two postcards, utilized photographs and graphic elements with the brand colors.

  • Automatic Logic (August 2016): Designed vintage style logo and chose different swatch themes and font options.

  • Lamden Music (October 2015 – September 2016): Designed music inspired logo and chose branding colors. Photographed subject with instruments for website. Used photograph and logo for music inspired business cards.

  • Nu-Set Lock (August 2014 – December 2015): Rebuilt and modified logo in Illustrator from JPEG. Designed powerpoint templates, icon graphics, trifold brochures, flyers, note cards, follow-up cards, holiday greeting cards.

  • RED Company (August 2016): Reworked capablity statement template with different layout and font choice for a fresh look.

  • A Secret Place (July 2014 – August 2014): Lead on-location photo-shoot and edited/retouched photos. Created gift certificates, templates, flyers.

  • Geri Fit (February 2014): Produced template for capability statement.

  • a new well (June 2010 – October 2012): Designed flyers, posters, magazine ads, door hangers. Edited photographs and created a spinner sign.

Shofu Dental Corporation | Graphic Design Assistant
July 2015 – May 2018

Graphic Designer under the Senior Graphic Designer. Assigned to create original artwork, interchange material in existing templates, as well as full responsibility to manage two catalogs produced annually; the Retail Price Guide and the Laboratory Price List. Assists the supervisor with non-design work; including documenting ad deadlines, making additions to the advertising budget spreadsheet, and updating press release contact lists.

Duties incorporate training on an intricate filing system for internal and external auditing. Includes completing a detailed invoice label to accompany final artwork in binders, labeling and filing excess printed materials by date, documenting artwork in the advertising log, and labeling final artwork in individual folders for auditing. Absolute precision is required for this system.


  • Construct packaging mockups

  • Print and cut labels, flyers, inserts

  • Mount and cut posters/signs

  • Aid in shooting product photography

  • Utilize Photoshop to remove product background

  • Edit employee organizational chart

  • Reformat business cards

  • Update FTP site – interchange product information

  • Modify color-coded territories on U.S. map graphic

  • Add products, remove discontinued products, indicate product key words, create PDFs of materials for app

  • Update material, add upcoming events, report discontinued products/inconsistencies/outdated information for website


  • DFUs (Instructions for Use): Create instruction sheets for new products. Measure exact dimensions of packaging to calculate the full size and folds needed. Design each layout and chart according to product.

  • Brochures & Sell Sheets: From prior templates, update products, infographics, text, and new information for product. Some charts were rebuilt. For new product sell sheets, a layout was configured based on template. Significant brochures were translated to Spanish and French.

  • Labels, Inserts, Flyers & Stickers: Produce for in-house, external companies, and doctors.

  • Quarterly Specials & Convention Specials: A quarterly news brochure and bi-annual pricing flyer. Interchange and place product images and text within prior templates.

  • Order Forms: Redesign doctor, tradeshow, and Invisalign order forms based on prior templates.

  • Retail Price Guide/Laboratory Price List: Two multi-page catalogs produced annually. Interchange information and pricing, and take initiative to make all wording and graphic charts consistent, add descriptions for clarity.

  • Quark to InDesign: Numerous files redesigned to exact likeness in InDesign, comprised of brochures, sell sheets, DFUs, step-by-step illustrations, icons, the Retail Price Guide catalog, the Lab Price List catalog.

  • Marketing Collateral: Tradeshow design for giveaway.

Freelance Design
July 2014 – Present

  • Kevershan Design: Restored scanned photo of an illustrated building by retouching blemishes, removing a crease, repairing color balance.

  • Norma Hill Designs: Created layout for clothing tags, lookbook, and a poster; assisted in logo revision. Conducted post-production and assembly of clothing tags and lookbook.

  • Patio Playhouse: Designed a poster for the play The 1940’s Radio Hour. Following cohesive designs were created for the front of the program (Patiobill), 1/4 page flyers, specifically sized web banners for different advertising outlets.

  • Ragz Enterprises: Produced business card template for three clothing boutiques (Ragz Dressware, Blues & Shoes, The Beat), which could stand individually yet have consistent design.

  • RushTix: Working with Post Design Studio – researched photos and created an inspiration board, created and finalized logo tag type treatment, researched stock photography, designed mock and final twitter banner layout.

  • Wedding Invitation: Produced collage design to client’s specifications, designed text layout, created RSVP and other invitation additions.

9FIVE | Graphic Design Intern
March 2013 – May 2013

Created posters, brochures, flyers, web banners, tech packs, illustrations. Assisted in warehouse organization of product or gathering shipment orders.

Cuicacalli Suites | Desk Assistant at San Diego State University
Fall 2010 – Fall 2013

Facilitated in all customer service requests.


Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Digital Photography
Basic skills in Wordpress, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver
Knowledge in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint