Hello & Welcome!

My name is Leah Lamden and I am a graphic designer, with a passion for all things creative. Iā€™m a music enthusiast, foodie, traveler, and dancer (jazz, tap, ballet & hip-hop). I love going to shows, traveling somewhere new, and always look for the next adventure.

I am a San Diego native, growing up in Carmel Valley. I went to an art high school called Canyon Crest Academy, which embed my already sparked interest in art from an early age. Exploring many mediums in high school set me on the path of wanting to become a designer.

I received my education from San Diego State University. I excelled in my art classes, and loved learning. I found that my true passion and strength lie in hand crafted art, and in school I discovered new techniques through book arts and packaging. I continue to be excited about art, always wanting to learn new skills.