Hello & Welcome!

My name is Leah Lamden and I am a graphic designer. I love worldly travel, enjoying great food, discovering new music, going to concerts with friends, and being exceedingly adventurous.

I am a San Diego native, growing up in Carmel Valley, CA. I went to an art high school called Canyon Crest Academy, which deeply embedded my already sparked interest in art from a very early age. Exploring all kinds of mediums in high school set me on the path of wanting to become a graphic designer.

I received my education from San Diego State University. I excelled in my art classes because I couldn't get enough of them, and absorbed as much as I could. I have always loved hand crafted art, but throughout my time in school I discovered new techniques and passions, including books arts and packaging. I continue to be excited to learn new artistic skills for my own personal delight or for my next appointed project, and of course, I always love to create and design.